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Infertility & IVF in Istanbul

IVF in Istanbul

IVF therapy starts during the first five days of menstrual period. First step is using drugs and preparing oocytes, second step is oocyte pick up (egg collection) and taking sperms then microinjection. Third step is the embryo transfer. All therapy lasts around 20 days from the first day of your period to embryo transfer.

Embryo Biopsies

In recurrent pregnancy loses or recurrent IVF failure, we can do all genetic tests with embryo biopsy. PGD, array CGH and NGS are genetic test techniques used in IVF.


We use PRP therapy for two different problems. In recurrent IVF failure or persistent thin endometrium, our aim is to provide optimal endometrial thickness by doing PRP to endometrial cavity before embryo transfer. The second indication is poor responder women and ovarian failure. During this procedure we do PRP to both of ovaries and 1 month later we check the affect of PRP on ovaries.

Blastocyst Transfer

We observe how embryos grow by using this technology.

Embryo Freezing

If we still have embryos after transfer we freeze and keep them in a special storage. Sometimes like polycystic ovary patients, we freeze all protocols and plan embryo transfer a few months later.

Genital Aesthetic Procedures

There are two kinds of genital aesthetic procedures, Surgical and Non-Surgical.

Surgical procedures

Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty are most common genital aesthetic operations. Operations take around 30 to 60 minutes and a few days later you can travel back to your country.

Nonsurgical genital therapy procedures

Genital whitening
Vulvar and vaginal rejuvenation
Vaginal tightening
Urinary incontinence
Post pregnancy stretch marks and operation scars. These can be done with laser treatment under local anaesthesia in one or more sessions depending on the medical condition.